Arion Resort Boutique Hotel, Gümüşlük - Bodrum

Situated at Gümüşlük, by the sea, Arion Resort Hotel welcomes you with it's elegant suites, restaurants and beach 365 days a year.

Located in the pearl of Bodrum antique city Myndos (known as Gümüşlük now) our hotel is only half an hour away from Bodrum City centre. Constitued of 14 villas, Arion Resort Boutique Hotel is built on 6 acres of well-kept gardens and paysage. It is built with best quality materials and workforce and respect to the nature : we "relocated" the trees with professional gardeners instead of cutting them! You can get the best quality service 365 days a year.

Alongside being the most luxury boutique hotel in the area, Arion Resort Hotel is a unique holiday place with its social facilities, 400 meters of sea shore and sunbathing places, excellent service quality, two restaurants focused on Turkish and Mediterrannean cuisines, and it's quiet and peaceful nature.

Our Suites

We have a suitable suite type for all kinds of vacation!

Social Facilities

the holidays are always too short. Fill your precious time with quality service, delicious restaurants and on sand or grass beaches.